Butlerpantry Unit

Pantries are becoming ever more popular, and why wouldn’t they be? They have more space than you know what to do with and can keep just about anything hidden.

Pantries are multi functional. They create a minimalist look whilst keeping cables and sharp objects away from tiny fingers. These units really do allow you to be a neat and tidy person to the outside world.

Here’s a list things we believe you can keep hidden in your pantry…


Pantries are tall units that stretch from the floor to (almost) the ceiling, therefore they will have the largest storage capacity of all the units in your kitchen. That’s a lot of space for dry and canned goods to feed your ever growing family.


Always thirsty? No problem, your pantry can have a built in wine and bottle rack.

Manor House Shaker Diagonal Larder Open

Baking goods

We all have a cupboard of blenders, food processors and mixers. Why not keep these in the pantry and utilise the cupboard for items we use more often?

Sharp Objects

The pantry is the perfect solution for keeping sharp objects and bladed knives away from children and pets. These items can be kept up high in the pantry out of reach of little ones.

Lamb 8033 Comp K

The necessary

Every home has a boiler. Most homes have a boiler in the kitchen taking up an entire cupboard that you could really do with. A pantry unit will accommodate a boiler and still leave you with that desired cupboard space.

The unsightly

Think fuse boxes or electrical plug sockets. Speak to your retailer about designing your pantry around anything unsightly on the wall that you’d rather have hidden from view.

Small Appliances

If you don’t like cluttered worktops or you have curious children that like to touch everything, then this might be the solution for you. You can put your unplugged kettle, toaster or even microwave in the pantry out of sight. It goes without saying that we do not recommend you use these appliances with the pantry doors shut but merely use the unit to hide any kitchen items you don’t want on your worktop.

If you have anything in your kitchen you want hiding, speak to your local Sheraton retailer today about a pantry in your kitchen.