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Kitchen flooring

Your kitchen floors will go through a lot, so you need a material that’s tough as well as pretty. There is a huge range of options to suit every budget and style, from laminate and hardwood to stone and tile, each with their own pros and cons.

If you have an open plan kitchen and living space, you’ll also need to consider how you’ll transition your flooring to meet the needs of different areas. Rather than seeing this as a challenge, think of it as an opportunity to get creative and play around with your flooring!

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Kitchen tiles

Tiles are a versatile material in kitchens that can be used on floors and walls, for functional or decorative purposes. Tiles have changed a lot in recent years, with more imaginative patterns and colours emerging to join the traditional natural and stone-imitation tiles.

Tiles can be a great way to add a standout feature to your kitchen; consider a geometric patterned tile for your floor or a bright mosaic print for a splashback.

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Kitchen lighting

Lighting plays a big part in your kitchen; underestimate it at your peril! You’ll most likely need a combination of ‘task lighting’ to brightly illuminate your food prep areas and more gentle ‘mood lighting’ for eating and entertaining.

Once you’ve chosen the purpose and positioning of your lighting, you can move on to choosing your lighting style. Pendants and chandeliers work well as statement lighting, while recessed spotlights or track lighting are more subtle.

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Kitchen colour schemes

Your colour scheme should really be one of your first considerations when redesigning your kitchen, as this will help to inform many of your other choices.

Many people opt for light, neutral colours like white, cream and grey, as these offer a simple base to match accompanying colours and can help to make smaller kitchens seem more spacious.

But darker or bolder colours can work well in kitchens too; the most important thing is to start by considering the size and shape of your kitchen, and the arrangement of your top and bottom cupboard units, to determine what colours might work best in your space.

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Small kitchen ideas

While a small kitchen doesn’t prevent you from having your dream space, you will need to be a bit more tactical about your design and decor choices. A white or cream-based colour scheme is a great place to start, as lighter colours brighten small spaces and make them feel more open. Glossy materials that reflect light have a similar effect, so bear this in mind when choosing worktops.

When planning your layout, think about how you can arrange your units and cupboards to maximise work and storage space without blocking light from the windows or hindering walkways.

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Narrow kitchen ideas

In a narrow kitchen, you’ll face many of the same issues as a small kitchen. The most common challenge in a narrow kitchen is how to keep the space feeling light, as natural light from a window often can’t reach the full length of the kitchen and results in dark or gloomy corners.

A galley layout is usually the best option for a long, narrow kitchen, as well as limiting cupboards to just base units so the space feels open and airy. If you need extra storage higher up, neat open shelves are a better alternative that you can accessorise to double as a feature wall, as well as useful storage space!

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Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have become an increasingly popular addition to the kitchen, as the trend for more social kitchens continues to build. When you’re planning your kitchen redesign to include an island, the first thing is to measure your space to make sure you have enough room and work out how large your island can be.

Islands of any size can be easily adapted for whatever needs you have. If you need more storage, install cupboards and drawers in the base, or you can add stools and a dining ledge to create a social hangout spot. You could even install a small fridge or wine rack for easy access while entertaining!

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Kitchen Ideas Island
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Breakfast bars

If you don’t have enough room for an island, a breakfast bar is a great small kitchen alternative. Breakfast bars are so versatile as they can be added in many places; on the outside of a u-shaped kitchen counter, as a small ledge attached to a wall or existing unit, or as an elegant floating peninsula.

A breakfast bar can be nicely styled with a different counter material to make it stand out from the rest of your worktops, a feature light overhead, or some brightly coloured stools.

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Kitchen extensions

If your kitchen space isn’t working for you, there’s always the possibility of extending it. A kitchen extension is a big undertaking, but one with amazing payoffs if you do it right. With extra space, you can design the kitchen layout of your dreams, and even add extra living or dining spots.

The layout is key when organising your extension, so you can take advantage of natural light sources, arrange your zones efficiently, and decorate nicely with nods to your home’s original features. Our planning guide can help you get a jump start on planning your extension.

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