Rta Recessed Shaker Limestone Anthracite

It’s true white kitchens make your room look light, bright and airy – but dark, earthy colours can be warm, and welcoming - or add a touch of drama to a room that is sometimes in danger of becoming a boring, purely functional space.

Wide blue (and green) yonder

If you’re thinking darker colours will look gloomy or overpowering opt for an elegant Oxford Blue or classic Hunter Green. These deep, rich hues add an element of drama without going overboard with the moody theme. Large kitchens in particular handle these bold colours well as they can bring a sense of cosiness to an open space.

Metal mix-up

Metallic accents offer the perfect foil for darker colours, feminising what could be a very austere space. Far from appearing cold and sterile, they can be warm and tactile, but still pull off the edgy urban vibe. Use it for lighting, trims, taps, handles and accessories and their subtle sheen will add a touch of allure and sophistication to your stylish interior.

Natural wonders

Beautiful wood effects are so adaptable they never go out of style. Their warm, earthy tones are seductive but still homely. Dark, high-contrast wood cabinets pair well with crisp white walls and worktops, creating a powerful, almost monolithic feel. It is sleek and modern whilst still being a no-nonsense functional space, capable of being put to hard work.

Layer it up

If you’re worried about your kitchen looking overly dramatic - layering your colours can create a more subtle effect that adds depth and dimension to the room. Ranging your colours from light blue greys to an intense graphite adds depth and perspective to your space. Pick out elements to emphasise in deeper tones, whilst still keeping the rest of the scheme lighter and you can still retain a fresh, airy feel. Smaller kitchens can benefit from this technique as you can make it as restrained as you like bit still pick out focal areas of impact and interest in deeper tones.

Perfect Harmony

Dark kitchen cabinets look stunning with contrasting colours. No, we’re not talking that eighties red and black revival, but a subtle, grown up feel. Create a feature with colourful statement seating or introduce a pretty pastel shade to the wall to for a retro fifties vibe. It’s easy to add accents of colour with accessories such as cushions, rugs, splashbacks and blinds and these bright bursts of energy add life and harmonise the dark interior.

Complete co-ordination

There’s nothing worse than having your beautiful new kitchen fitted and then finding the interior fittings don’t match the exterior. With Omega’s new Graphite range. There is nothing to mar that sleek, opulent look, as wirework, drawers and cabinets all co-ordinate for a perfectly streamlined look.

Fantasy Island

The perfect focal point for any kitchen is the island. This hub of activity can host parties, homework, food prep or friends with cake and coffee – to name but a few of its many uses. So, why not give it the special care and attention it deserves – elevating it from being just part of the furniture to the crowning glory of your dream kitchen.